Services Offered

Our consulting services include FileMaker Pro consulting, website development, database design, custom applications development, systems integration, web presence development, CMS design and software support.

Technologies we use include PHP, Web 2.0 (AJAX, HTML, JavaScript, CSS), MySQL, WordPress, Java, Perl and FileMaker Pro.

Intuitive Design

Very intuitive. I don’t have to waste time training my staff of 7 on how to use the database.

-Dr. Gary Steven M.D.
Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center

FileMaker Pro Consulting

FileMaker Pro provides a phenomenal environment for rapid application development. With the right knowledge and skills, complex goals can be realized with quickness and affordability and a result that is easy to use.

As a member of the FileMaker Business Alliance and FileMaker 13 Certified Developer with over 10 years of FileMaker Pro development experience in-house, there are virtually no limits to what can be accomplished. We’ll work with your existing databases, create a new system from scratch or customize one of our many existing business solutions.

If you want your FileMaker system to work with another system, we will integrate FileMaker seamlessly with websites, databases (including MySQL, Microsoft Access or any ODBC database) and even Microsoft Excel.

If you think your goals are impossible, we’d love to prove you wrong.

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Website Development

Web technology is advancing at an extraordinary rate. Web users are no longer paying attention to web pages that simply display static information. Websites have reached and exceeded the level of interactivity of desktop applications. Web 2.0 technologies allow dynamic interactivity without the clumsy page reloads of the past.

If you want to provide dynamic, interactive content for your visitors, internal or external, through interactive articles, corporate forms, a blog, a search engine, customizable multi-user interface or a fresh idea that you have, we will put it together for you.

Your website can provide your individual customers with a personalized experience. It can be integrated with your databases. Or it can have an interface that allows you or your designated associates to easily add or modify content.

We design websites with credible SEO techniques in mind to make your website stand out in search engine results without resorting to questionable techniques that can result in blacklisting.

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Custom Applications Development

Custom desktop applications can simplify workflow, eliminate mindless tasks, integrate complex systems and provide users with a common, predictable and controlled set of tools.

If you are interested in a cross-platform Java application or a .Net application for Windows, we will develop it for you or work with your existing systems.

We can produce a desktop application to provide a friendly, graphical interface for practically any function you could imagine: database interfacing, task scripting, configuration management, command line tool interfacing and more. Tell us what you need and we will construct a solution.

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