Instant Messaging In FileMaker Pro

Triple-i Messenger is a FileMaker Pro-based internal instant messaging system that is customizable and expandable and can be integrated into your existing solution. Just $97!

Unlocked FileMaker Time Clock

Simple Time Clock is an unlocked FileMaker Pro-based time clock system you can customize, expand and integrate with your existing FileMaker Pro system. One click punch in and punch out. Time sheet reports that simplify your payroll process. Easily configurable pay period and overtime settings.

Import Log Interpreter

The Import Log Interpreter is a FileMaker Pro-based Import.log file reader. It gives you a clear picture of what was imported and what notices or errors were produced. Only $14!

FileMaker Point Of Sale

Handle POS transactions from within FileMaker. Maintain customer contact and sale history. Customize it to trigger actions within your FileMaker system when certain items are purchased. Includes sales reports with graphs and charts. Starts at just $160. Also available with Time Clock.