Inspired Time Clock

The Inspired Time Clock is a FileMaker Pro-based time clock system that is customizable and expandable. Unlocked developer license is available as well as an unlimited usage site license with customization capabilities.

You can customize the solution yourself or ask our experienced, certified FileMaker Pro developers to assist you. Either way, you will save tens of thousands of dollars in custom development costs while still reaping the benefits of a custom system.

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Time Clock Features

One Click Punch In and Punch Out and Reporting

Employees can clock in with a single click. They can also see who is working with a single click, or review their own time sheet.

Time sheet reports for supervisors and HR managers will simplify your review and payroll processes.

Logged in employee’s punch status appears throughout the system.

Simple Personnel Setup and Time Sheet Management

Set up personnel and their system permissions with a few clicks within the Inspired Time Clock interface. Easily review time sheets, make adjustments and flag as reviewed or paid.

Easily configurable pay period and overtime settings

Set up pay period and overtime settings with a few clicks. Change colors and graphic used throughout the system easily from a single screen: even with no development access. Header and footer content and click action on every layout can be changed from a single point.

Other Features

Contact Management

Contact management is at the heart of all Inspired Business Suite products and is included in the Inspired Time Clock package. This module features search-as-you-type functionality, multidimensional grouping and tagging of contacts, powerful filtering and a clean, intuitive interface that can be easily customized from a central layout.

Keep track of your interactions with your prospects, personnel or any important, historic events in your relationship with your contacts. Specify keywords to flag while typing. You can even specify forbidden words to prevent your employees from using inappropriate language within your contact history. This module was originally created for medical charting but has been adapted for broader use.

Dynamic Searching While You Type

Throughout the Inspired Time Clock system, search fields exist to allow you to instantly search through data.

World Class Interface

Clean, consistent and simple. Puts power in your hands without requiring a steep, expensive learning curve.

Data Separation Model

Separation of data and interface allows future development to occur without disrupting use or threatening live data. FileMaker user accounts are managed by Inspired Time Clock, so no need to worry about synchronizing accounts.


Here’s what you get…

Feature Value Your Price*
Time Clock $560 See Below
Contact Management $590 Free!
Contact Notes $440 Free!
Also features
  • Dynamic Search
  • A World Class Interface
  • Easily Customizable Interface
  • Data Separation Modal
  • Complete User Account Management
Total Value $1,590
Multi-User Site License
  • Unlimited users may connect from an unlimited number of computers within your organization.
  • Customize appearance and setting.
  • No development access, but can be upgraded at any time.
  • License Agreement

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Multi-User, Developer Site License
  • Unlimited users may connect from an unlimited number of computers within your organization.
  • Customize appearance and setting.
  • Full development access to inspect, modify, integrate, etc.
  • License Agreement

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*Requires FileMaker Pro. FileMaker Pro licenses are not included in the price and can be purchased directly from FileMaker Inc. at