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Inspirations Software Design LLC offers one hour of free consulting/development time to you for anyone you refer who becomes a client*. If you have recommended Inspirations Software Design LLC to someone, or know of someone in particular who could use our services, would you be willing to provide their contact information below? [Note: we will not harass referrals. If a referral shows no interest in our products or services on first contact, no further contact attempts will be made.]

*1 hour is applied to future work once your referral pays an invoice or purchases a product of $500 or more. For any amount under $500, 1/2 hour will be offered. A credit will be applied for future work and can not be used to pay existing balances. You may use the credit at any time, as long as your account is in good standing.

Note: In addition to custom development, we also offer affordable, pre-packaged, unlocked FileMaker solutions such as the Inspired Time Clock and Inspired Business Suite (more info on the Products Page). If you know of anyone who might be interested in these, please include them above.

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